About BullyProof

BullyProof is a social awareness campaign targeting young Pakistanis across the country in a bid to foster empathy, equality and kindness in the classroom.

BullyProof is the brain-child of Zainab Chughtai, a Lawyer by profession, based in the city of Lahore, Pakistan.

Chughtai is a Barrister from the Honorable Society of Lincoln’s Inn (2011). She is also a keen environmentalist, an avid fan of hip-hop and cartography.


Zainab Chughtai – BullyProof’s Founder

Bullies come in all shapes and sizes, and most of us have to deal with them at one point in life or another. It is now common knowledge and a well-accepted fact that bullying is a phenomenon found in schools, that oft goes unaddressed.

The cycle of aggressor and victim is ongoing and can plague the adult years of an individual’s life if ignored in one’s youth. It is, therefore, something which BullyProof has decided to shed light on through its proactive campaign.

Chughtai is joined by a team of advisors who are leaders and creative thinkers in their own right.

They are; Ayesha Iftikhar, Qasim Abbas, Sonya Rehman and Jasmyn Khawaja.

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Ayesha Iftikhar – BullyProof’s Advisor/Counselor

Ayesha Iftikhar is a clinical psychologist and counselor based in Lahore. As part of the BullyProof team, she hopes to promote a school culture that fosters the psychological well-being and self-awareness of children and teens. Her research interests include understanding group dynamics (polarization and communication/negotiation) as part of a research-based activism and legal reform initiative targeting intolerance in society.



Sonya Rehman – BullyProof’s Media Rep

Sonya Rehman is a journalist based in Lahore. A graduate from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, Sonya currently teaches in addition to writing for an assortment of local and international publications.


IMG_2797 2

Jasmyn Khawaja – BullyProof’s Advisor/Counselor

With a Masters in Counselling from Monash University (Melbourne, Australia) Jasmyn Khawaja presently works at a private clinic in Lahore. Her motivation for working with BullyProof is fueled having witnessed within her therapy room the life-long, grave implications and damage that bullying can have. She is passionate about addressing the issue at its root, and start a movement toward prevention and not solely cure.


Qasim Abbas - BullyProof's Guest Speaker

Qasim Abbas – BullyProof’s Guest Speaker

Qasim Abbas is a part-time school teacher, a marketeer and devotes most of his time to the development of a sports management and marketing agency in Lahore. He has an inspirational story to share and is devoted to BullyProof in its pursuit of eradicating bullying from schools in Pakistan.




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